Bulk Mulch
Skyline sells premium hardwood shredded bark mulch in bulk. We are one of the few greenhouses which uses shredded red oak bark for our mulch. Shredded bark mulch has many advantages over store-bought mulch, including:
1. It's shredded. Unlike chips, nuggets, or beans it doesn't float, drift or blow away. And because it's shredded, the shreds lock together, forming a tight bond, even on a slope.

2. It's mostly bark, not wood. As with growing most plants, you must take care NOT to include wood in your soil mix. Wood is a host for molds and fungus, and leaches nitrogen from your soil in order to break down.

3. Bark mulch protects the soil, even from the sun. It builds up the nutrients in the soil as it breaks down, improving the fertility and drainage of even sandy or clay soils.



$28 per cubic yard.
1 cubic yard will cover 9' x 9' with a 4-inch depth (2-inch depth after it settles),
or 9' x 6' with a 6-inch depth (3-inch depth after it settles).

We can load your pick-up or trailer here at Skyline, or we can deliver the mulch right to your doorstep.

$75 delivery charge

Minimum delivery order: 7 cu. yards

$50 delivery for full truck orders (15 cu. yards)


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